Manju Cooking Dosa When Hungry

It was already morning 10am.
I was feeling hungry as had not finished my breakfast.
Since mom was busy in her ho
usehold works.... I though of preparing Dosa which was the breakfast of the day........just gave a try

1. First, i placed the pawn on the stove and allowed it to get heated.

2. Then, i placed sampana (this is Kannada word, i am sorry i don't know its translation in English, but this is the thing that is used to put on pawn for dosa preparation) on the pawn, trying to pour and spreading it for a round shape.

3. Next, was waiting for the dosa to get well baked on the pawn.
And parallely i poured a table spoon of

cooking oil around the circumference of this dosa.

4. Waiting for some time and the colour of this dosa changed.
I th
ought it was baked well.

Then i took a stick which is used by mom to flip dosa and tried to flip it in proper manner.

And my calculation went wrong :(

Lost balance to lift the baked dosa to flip.
The baked dosa was broken into pieces while flipping :(

Hence my first dosa today failed.
Also my first single dosa gave result to 5 pieces of dosa.

But it was Great.
Good Output by me.

For one dosa i got 5 dosa ..........heheeheee :)

Next, i tried to make a better dosa.

So this time tried to make a good dosa from my hand, with careful.

1. As usual i placed sampana on the pawn and
gave a better round shape to it on the pawn.

2. This time waited for right time to filp the dosa. The colour of th
e dosa started changing slowly and i flipped it quickly with good balance.
And parallely i poured a table spoon of cooking oil around the circumference of this dosa.

3. Hurray........my 2nd dosa didn't break into pieces as previous on

4. Waitied for the proper bake on the other side of dosa and put to my plate.

5. Is not my 2nd dosa looks like better dosa?

After these two dosa, I heard a voice, my mom saying..........who is in the kitchen.....whats the smell......who is preparing dosa..................hearing this i ran away from
kitchen to not to get caught by mom for preparing dosa by my hands.

Now who can say that only girls knew to cook.
Boys can also make a good cooking.