My Trip to Kodaikanal

We were totally 6 guys. Myself, Sandesh, Prashanth, Ismail, Srikanth & Manjunath Hubli.

Manjunath Hubli and me had worked in some company and there we became friends. It was long time I had met him(1.5yrs) after we bot
h quit that company. Other 4 guys were his friends. He introduced me to all and we got close in a short time. Not much, but yes, because its just first meet.

We started our way to Kodaikanal(TN) from Bangalore
at around 10pm on Friday October 17, 2008.

Went by Car (Safari), seating was very comfortable, engine was running silently, had good pickup, hence I liked the car. I was sitting behind my friend who was driving.

It was nice that we were out of city limits quickly. No one was there to question us other than ourselves enjoying the night ride to Kodai.

With high volume music beats, cracking jokes & teasing others the journey started w
ith good move throughout the night at a speed of 100Kmph.

Then went on the way towards Attibele(KA), then to Hosur(TN), then took byp
ass road just on the way towards Salem(TN). We reached a place called Karur(TN) at around 5:45am, slowly I was able to see the dawn, complete area covered with fresh air, fresh looks and fresh views and then soft white sunlight pouring all over the area.

We took bypass road rather than highway to Kodai from Karur. This bypass road was in village, but road was excellent. No peep-peep, no pom-pom and no halt........just silent move on the road, with the sound of cool breeze.

Next we stopped at petrol bunk to get refresh, took fresh view of the land, enjoyed the cool breeze and moved after 15-20mins.

Off the village road, there was a college, its environment was good, it had lot of open space with lush green surroundings, with small shrubs & trees here and there, suitable to just sit, lie down or to sleep under those trees for a pleasant time. I should not continue without mentioning about girls over there which I saw, most of the girls I saw were good looking....I was thinking I should have studied in a college with environment like this. In fact the environment of this college was super place to enjoy one's time in college with this kind of surrounding environment. And heyyyy.........I don't think the lovers in this college needs another place to date, this college environment was ideally suited to them.

As we moved on the village road and joined highway again, took way to Kodaikanal from Kodai Road. The road was lined with trees that seemed to welcome us for Kodaikanal.........super it was to see at the dawn, I don’t think others felt this, but I felt.

I planned to stop and get out of the car to have more view and to intake the cool breeze, but was unable. I am very childish with nature, like to play like child over there, but I cant show my childish there because I am not alone there in the trip you know.. !!

Now it was around 7;30am, sunlight was shining all over the area, it was crystal clear to see the mountains and its views and also it was very clear to see clouds(or fog or mist) just in front of mountains.

I was not able to sit simply, I took out my camera mobile and started clicking nature beauty. Asked my friends to click from their digital cameras, they clicked some for me.

Once we finished village road views, we started to enter Ghats sections, full of curves with steep curves sometimes.

There now we stopped at a place where we were able to see a water fall, jus
t in-between the mountain hills the water was falling from great height as a straight line which was very pure white, a big one, I gave a name for this falls as “Silver Line”.

I liked to go near to it, but there was no proper way to go there. A place was arranged there at some height to have proper view of the water fall, land and the complete area and I continued clicking photos.

Hmmm....again not to miss here, some family from Orissa had already been there at place where we were clicking photos, two girls were present from that family, both were pretty good looking, I was not able to stop myself on commenting about these two sisters and co
mmented on them to my friends......

After sometime, One old lady was watching us who was the mother of those two girls, and those girls were standing behind this old lady. Then that lady said to us in hindi "ho gaya?…..aap yeh jaga chodsakoge hum ko". We understood they were also eager to stand over there to watch that silver line falls. We left for them and went. At other end there were full Kerala girls, few were good looking, I commented on those too and we went. There, we everyone took coconut water, tasty it was, and got into our vehicle and moved further climbing the Ghats section.

There is one Engineering college there, and one Management college there in kodaikanal. I didn’t see any student in engineering college, but mana
gement college students were super. I mean boys & girls were enjoying a lot. No restrictions. No tensions. All most all students were from North India part. I think it was graduation day there or some function day so Guys had dressed with suits and Girls dressed like models. Don’t know how they were able to wear shorts in that chilling weather...!! Me and one more friend said, I want to study management course here for life long. :-) :-) :-) ...............funny.

Finally we reached Kodaikanal at 11am, searched for
hotel and we started to plan for the day, but unfortunately it rained heavily at 2pm and all our plans was canceled. I really felt bad for losing half the day just by heavy rain. Rain (along with mist) was in such a way that one cant see the objects at the other end..!!
This photo shows how it was raining, Nothing else can be seen when it rains with mist there..!!

Woke up early morning the next day and went for a walk with my friend around 7am. Sun had already rised, it was a sunny morning, pouring soft and bright sunlight, skin was feeling good by this bright sunlight along with the cold weather.
The view at the silent river and the reflection of the green trees on it was super, completely displaying the natures beauty over there, was pleased to see it.

Also, its really a pleasant, cool and nice place to sit with your person xyz at the river shore under the tree here.

If you dont have your xyz with you, better sit alone like me and enjoy ;)

Heyyyyyy............if you are planning to sit at the river shore under the tree with your xyz, then DON'T forget to collect soem small and medium stones to throw it on this river in different angles and hear the sound (dum, dhum, dadum, dup, tap, tap tap dup and more)


In this kind of nature and weather it will be very romantic for one to go for boating on this river with their partner.

So dont forget to go for boating if you visit !!

Next day we arranged a vehicle with a guide for trekking and started to explore Kodaikanal’s nature at 9:30am.

First we went to a water fall, water was falling from around 25feet high. Sound was scary !!

The view was good as you can see in this photo, we enjoyed little over here, took snaps and video of the falling water and guide took us for further place.

We went further down and took another view of the same water at another falls. Even this view was super than previous.
I liked it a lot, was very excited to get drench with the water falling from around 50-60 feet height. And finally go drenched. No matter got dried after some time.

One more fall was very nice to see, really awesome it was. Falling from a height of around 50-60feet, its look was added with the purity of the water, the surrounding greenaries and the mist which covered it. How is it??.

Next we went for Mountain View, the name says it all……views of so many mountains was visible and clouds moving around them, some are dense and some are very transparent.

Along with the mist there, mountains was decorated well. So many continuous hills and mountains which are not at the stretch of our hand looked awesome, clouds on them boosted the beauty of hills and mountains.

Nice it was.

We then moved further, we removed all our slippers and shoes and went by walk now, downwards from way of mountain view here.....

We walked nearly for 1 hour to go to next places, this walk was really good :-) :-)

On the edge of the road where we were walking, there were huge and long trees standing in such a way that they were touching the sky. Surrounded completely with such long trees, the natural arrangement was excellent. Sure place to be with in night, only if the place was flat. But this place was really slope.

Next we went to Dolphin Nose Rock.

There is a rock here, and a piece of this rock is extended outwards in such a way that it looks like nose of dolphin, hence the name.
But one scary and excellent about this is, below the rock the depth is more than 300ft I guess, it was bit scary to have a look on that view if you fall from here then you don’t know where you go. Sure die here.. We all sat on this dolphin nose and had a group photo. I was thinking about my parents and my life because I was the person sitting at the tip of the dolphin nose and in case if the rock shakes, then the first person to fall was me...!!!

Thank God, I am still here to write the experience :-)

Then we went to Echo Rock, in this place so many rocks stood in a circular way. So at one place if you shout, you will hear echo for twice or thrice. Hence the name echo rock.

Then we started back. We were already tired going down. It was really a long way that we came down, didn’t notice the pain since we were coming down. Now we were struggling to climb up. We were sweating even when it was raining & too cold there. Finally with breaks & rest, we climbed up. We took 1 hour to go down, but took more than 1 hour to climb up..!!

We then visited “suicide point”. Now this place is completely made safety. I didn’t like this place and we all moved further.

Then went to “Pillar Rock”. There is a rock which is like a pillar. Standing at a height of 800ft from ground without any support of other rocks. I was unable to take the photo as it was completely covered with mist.

Then visited a flower garden, with few different flowers over there.

I hadn't thought these flower will look so nice...!!

The time now was 3pm. We started back. Made some shopping, took Kodaikanal’s favorite home made chocolates. Took jerkins for m yself, for my brother and sister. And two pair of handmade designed ear-rings for my sister.

Started to leave from there at 5pm, moved our car way down the Ghats section. I felt sad in short time after leaving from there, thinking, I have to go back to the same busy city, Bangalore which is always filled and surrounded with liars, cunning friends, acting friends and others. But in short time again was eager to be back at home place to share my experience with my closed ones once I reach Bangalore.

Finished the Ghats section and reached main road. It was raining heavily, we were unable to drive more than 40Kmph. Reached Karur & finished dinner. Started again, and was back to Bangalore at 4am on Monday October 20, 2008.

Memorable trip it was for me, Still remembering the colourful sketches of the nature.

Surely need to thank the person who make suck kind of beautiful natural places.

Comments are Welcome :-)