Mothers' love or a Girl's love ??

From birth we have been grown with love of our mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends.
Love of mother is the highest, far greatest and far weighted and nothing in world can ever try to match or compete against her love.
We never completely feel the love of mother untill and unless we miss them in some ways.

Even when she is with us pouring her love for us, why do we search someone called an unknown girl for her love? we keep on searching for that unknown girl looking everywhere.

There might be many reasons, which are they ?
Why dont we see the love near us but search another love somewhere else ?

Your comments and opinions are welcome.........


Hello, Every one. This is About me....

This is my first blog.
Wherein I will write thoughts in my mind to share it with you all.

I am Mr.Manjunath, from Bangalore, India.
Currently Working in Fidelity Investments Company as a Network Engineer.
Born on Feb 14, 1983. Friends say that i am lucky to be born on this date.
I never celebrated Valentines Day, because the day is my birth day, may be this is the reason why i dont have a female valentine.......hehehehee :)

About me:
* Abstract thoughts
* Loves reality and abstract
* Intelligent and clever.........i was, but not now :) hehehe :-)
* Temperamental
* Quiet, shy and humble
* Honest and loyal
* Determined to reach goals
* Loves freedom
* Rebellious when restricted
* Loves aggressiveness
* Too sensitive and easily hurt
* Showing anger easily
* Dislike unnecessary things
* Loves making friends but rarely shows it
* Daring and stubborn
* Ambitious
* Realizing dreams and hopes
* Sharp
* Loves entertainment and leisure
* Romantic on the inside not outside

- My face is the perfect mirror of my heart.....

- I'm somewhat possessive....!! currently trying to not to be possessive.
- I'm easily hurt...!!!
- If I'm hurt and if the person who hurt me is close to me then i remain silent.

That's about me.