Hello, Every one. This is About me....

This is my first blog.
Wherein I will write thoughts in my mind to share it with you all.

I am Mr.Manjunath, from Bangalore, India.
Currently Working in Fidelity Investments Company as a Network Engineer.
Born on Feb 14, 1983. Friends say that i am lucky to be born on this date.
I never celebrated Valentines Day, because the day is my birth day, may be this is the reason why i dont have a female valentine.......hehehehee :)

About me:
* Abstract thoughts
* Loves reality and abstract
* Intelligent and clever.........i was, but not now :) hehehe :-)
* Temperamental
* Quiet, shy and humble
* Honest and loyal
* Determined to reach goals
* Loves freedom
* Rebellious when restricted
* Loves aggressiveness
* Too sensitive and easily hurt
* Showing anger easily
* Dislike unnecessary things
* Loves making friends but rarely shows it
* Daring and stubborn
* Ambitious
* Realizing dreams and hopes
* Sharp
* Loves entertainment and leisure
* Romantic on the inside not outside

- My face is the perfect mirror of my heart.....

- I'm somewhat possessive....!! currently trying to not to be possessive.
- I'm easily hurt...!!!
- If I'm hurt and if the person who hurt me is close to me then i remain silent.

That's about me.